Poler Outdoor Stuff makes gear for people who are travelers, couch surfers, campers and, well, just about anyone looking for some stuff that is all about having fun on road trips and in the outdoors. On our Tumblr, you’ll find photo essays of our adventures, some of the stuff we make and anything we come across that feels like it’s inspired by the same #campvibes as Poler Stuff.

If something has a black dot, you can buy it right from here!  We’ll ship it to your door and stand behind it like anything you buy from our site. It's a new idea, but it's secure, it's easy, and it's the only commerce platform just for Tumblr. Please email questions to customerservice@polerstuff.com

(via BR | Models | ICON)
Yes please. #polerstuff

(via BR | Models | ICON)

Yes please. #polerstuff

It’s nice to share

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